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CATIIS has the calibration capability to meet your requirements. We schedule our customers work according to the nature of their assignment and within a suitable time frame. We aim to achieve minimal disruption to our customers daily business operations.We offer a wide range of calibration services as listed below :

Temperature and Humidity: Thermometers, Transmitters, oven, water bath, thermo-hygrometers, Freeze, Chillers, Incubator, Recorder etc.

Pressure & Flow: Pressure gauges & indicators, Transmitters, Recorders, flow meters etc.

Electrical: Multimeter, clamp meter, Insulation tester, oscilloscope, power meter etc

Dimension & Volume: Vernier Caliper, micrometer, dial gauge, pipette, glass wares etc

Water quality instruments: pH meter, TDS, Conductivity, Ultrameter etc

Air Quality & Safety Instruments: Gas Detectors, Sound level meter, light meter, Anemometer etc.